Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3

The SRH-3 is a fully stabilized, three-axis remote control head that can accommodate payloads of up to 30 kg / 66lb.

The compact and lightweight design offers an excellent payload to own weight ratio. With the integrated LBUS future proof solutions and workflows are guaranteed.

Compact, lightweight, and sturdy


Stabilized Axis_  3 (Pan, Tilt, Roll).
Max Payload_  up to 30Kg/66lbs.
Height_  60,8cm/23.93in.
Width_  41,2cm/16.22in.
Depth Head_  13cm/5.12in.
Depth Base_  16,5cm/6,49in.
Ring Diameter_  26cm/10.23in.
Ring Height centre_  20,9cm/8.23in.
Weight_  9,0Kg/19.8lb.
Max. Tilt Range_  +60º/-110º.
Max Roll Range_  +/-90º.
Max Pan Range_  540º +/- 270º.