OperTec Active Head Milli Max Gyro-Stabilized Head

This generation of digital heads shows high stabilization performance, regardless of its compact size and light weight. Easy balancing technology allows to save rigging time.

The head is equipped with a digital lens control system that adds functionality and flexibility. It’s available with a variety of control options such as Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar.



Improved stabilization level which allows to achieve a balanced picture even under extremely rough and difficulty operating conditions.
High angular velocity on all axex.
Compact Size and Light Weight.
Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration.
Solid and reliable design.
Quick Assembly.
Axis angle display.
Built in Lens Control System (LCS) for TV (Broadcast) and Cine Lenses.
Auto horizon.
Control capability by cable or 900 MHz wireless.
Programmable Limits for all axis.