The Mini Cooper is an excellent choice when the main goal is to shoot car to car. This vehicle is compact and maneuverable, being really fast recovering the shoot, principally when working in short road cuts.

Changing the camera position from front to back takes less than 10 minutes. Due to its high speed and versatility, the Mini Cooper is ideal to capture dynamic shoots. We can mount any of the popular gyro stabilized heads.

Wireless intercoms systems for the entire crew are provided.


  • Vehicle Length (without platforms*): 3,90 m
  • Vehicle Width (without platforms*): 1,68 m
  • Capacity in the Cabin: 3 Crew Members+ Driver
  • Automatic gearbox
  • 185 cv
  • Max Speed: 180 km/h (depending on the conditions of the road)


  • Ultra Arm Motorcrane
  • Black-Tek Tower 16
  • Shock Absorber Black-Tek
  • Black Arm
  • Stabilized Head (click the link for more information on Remote Heads).
Download Mini Cooper S Catalog